Greece is, undoubtedly, one of the most visited and admired touristic destinations in the world.

The land of Gods, the cradle of civilisation, that was praised by Homer and gave birth to dramatic arts as we know them. A land almost too magical and steeped in mythology to be real. Visit this unique in its natural beauty and history country, and have its mysteries and ethereal nature revealed to you.

If you opt to spend your post operative time in Athens, you will have the opportunity to discover monuments and landmarks of one of the world’s finest and oldest civilisations. Temples dedicated to the Goddess of Wisdom, Athena, and to the God of the Seas, Poseidon, will have you mesmerised and in awe. At the same time, the modern and vibrant life style of the city, with its picturesque neighbourhoods, cozy cafes and hospitable tavernas offering delicious greek delicacies, will excite you and offer you a fun and memorable experience.

If you choose to visit one of the world renown greek islands, you shall find yourself gazing at the eternal blue of the Aegean Sea. White-washed houses, turquoise waters as far as the eye can see, romantic sunsets, Mediterranean flavours, mythological references all around, will be the components of your post operative days in Greece.


The following 1 day tours that we suggest for your stay are the most popular among our clients. However, MakeoverGreece can fully customize your visit and tours, according to your preferences and budget.

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Cape Sounion & the Acropolis
Price: €49.00

In this one day Athens tour, you will have the opportunity to see the city’s landmarks and visit the famous Acropolis and its Parthenon and, in the aſternoon, to enjoy the Cape Sounion tour, offering you one of the most breathtaking views in the world.

Poseidon’s Temple in Sounion is perched on a rocky promontory getting out into the open sea at 197 foot above it, overlooking the Aegean Sea. This is considered by many one of the most outstanding panoramic views in the world, extending all the way to Kea Island and the Peloponnese, on a clear day. The Temple of Poseidon was built in the 5th century B.C. and many of its original Doric columns are still standing.

Acropolis & the New Acropolis Museum
Price: €78.00

During this guided tour, you will be narrated the city’s history, whilst admiring the magnificent views of historical and archaeological sites; the ex-royal palace with its famous gardens, the change of the guards, Hadrian’s Arch, The Parthenon and its marbles, the theatre of Dionysus, the Asklepieion, and other sites with more than 4000 years of history.

In the Acropolis tour, you will be introduced to some of Parthenon’s uniquely astonishing facts and figures such as: a total of 2,675 tons of architectural members were restored, with 686 stones reassembled from fragments of the originals, 905 patched with new marble, and 186 parts made entirely of new marble. A total of 530 cubic meters of new Pentelic marble were used.

Furthermore, there will be a visit to The New Acropolis Museum to admire the exhibits illustrating 5000 years of history. The museum was built in 2003 to house every artifact found on the rock and on its feet, from the Greek Bronze Age to Roman and Byzantine Greece. It lies at the lower part of the Acropolis hill.

Athens By Night With Folklore Show & Dinner
Price: €65.00

Experience the beauties of Athenian nightlife, in this escorted sightseeing tour which passes by the most important and well-known sites of the city. After the tour, there will be a Greek cuisine practical induction (dinner) along with a folklore show and Greek dancing for the rest of the night.


The following 1 day short trips that we suggest for your stay, are the most popular among our clients. However, MakeoverGreece can fully customize your visit and tours, according to your preferences and budget.

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Delphi & Arachova
Price: €105.00

In this full day tour, you will visit Delphi, one of the most the most spectacular archaeological sites in Greece. Considered the centre of the world, the place where heaven and earth meet, the impressive ruins of Apollo's Sanctuary, Apollo's Temple still stands against the rocky background of Mount Parnassus, where the holly purging ice-cold waters of Castalia Spring never stopped flowing down, where its theatre echoes around the landscape.

We will travel along the main highway passing by Thieves, the kingdom of Oedipus , and we will arrive in Delphi. Later, we will visit the museum with the famous bronze Charioteer, the statue of Antinoos, the ancient sanctuary and all the renowned ruins of the Omphalos (Navel) of the Ancient world, while our guide will refer to each part of the history till today.

You will experience the eerie atmosphere in the Temple of Apollo, where Pythia (the Oracle) was seated on her tripod and delivered her prophecies. Delphi was inhabited since Mycenaean times 4000 years ago by small settlements who were dedicated to the gigantic female, Mother Earth.

We will continue our tour by visiting the traditional Greek village of Arachova known for its famous handmade carpets.

Mycenae - Nafplion – Epidaurus
Price: €110.00

This full day tour to Mycenae is one of the most suggested places to visit. Mycenae was the powerful centre of the second half of the Bronze Age (1600-1100 BC), with its awesome Cyclopean Walls, its unique Lion's Gate, and the ruins of Agamemnon's palace where some series of the most tragic dramas took place.

We will also visit the picturesque town of Nafplion, which was the first capital of Greece in the 19th century.

We will then continue our visit with the Sanctuary of Asklepios also known as the Theatre of Epidaurus, world famous for its acoustics. The theater was designed by Polykleitos the Younger in the 4th century BC and some of the most famous greek tragedies and comedies where presented there to the public, in ancient times.

Poros - Hydra - Aegina
Price: €105.00

Within 2 hours from Piraeus port, we will arrive to the island of Poros, the smallest of the three islands, separated from the Peloponnese by a narrow strait and offering a most enchanting view of Poros Town. Your time at leisure in Poros to scroll around the small picturesque streets of the island town, will be about 50 minutes.

An hour and 15 minutes later, we enter the port of Hydra, whose amphitheater shape once served as a safe shelter for Saronic Pirates. From the decks, you will be able to admire the very special architecture and dramatic landscapes of this island, whose old traditional stone houses and mansions silently stand witness to a long and turbulent history.

As soon as you disembark, it's all there; the small narrow stone-paved streets waiting to be explored on foot or by the island's traditional vehicles, the saddled donkey captivating walks along the old seaside promenade, crystal clear waters, radiant traditional fine-craft shops.

Last but not least, Aegina offers numerous interesting sites to discover, such as the Temple of Afea, which is the best preserved temple in Greece and one of the 3 temples forming the famous Sacred Triangle of Greek antiquity, the island’s medieval capital of Paleohora, the Church of Saint Nectarios and the pistachio groves. The tour ends with a stop by the seaside where you can relax and enjoy a glass of Ouzo along with a choice of irresistible Greek mezedes (appetizers).


In addition to the suggestions above, we can arrange for you longer trips in Greece, if your post-operative condition allows it, with a long list of options that we customize to your needs and preferences. Some options are the following: