ENT, Facial Plastic Surgeon President of the Hellenic Association of Functional Rhinoplasty

"Having dedicated my life’s work to Functional Rhinoplasty, my philosophy is the creation of a natural-looking nose, which functions and breathes well, while maintaining the elements of nationality. I believe that the Rhinosurgeon must have an artistic taste, an increased sense of lines and shapes, and, above all, a thorough knowledge of the anatomy and physiology of the nose, since the material he works on is not canvas, or stone or metal, but living tissue, which follows certain rules of nature."


Internal Medicine Specialist

"With our specialization and experience of 25 years in Non Invasive Liposuction techniques at SkourasMed Medical Aesthetic Clinic, there is nothing we enjoy more than the look of gratitude and trust in the eyes of our patients, once we have fulfilled their realistic expectations. A sense of trust that is gained through the effectiveness and innovation of our therapies."


Plastic Surgeon

"In Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, beauty lies in the balance between "too much" and "too little", where the perfect, natural result is achieved. The result which does not look operated."


MSc Health Care Managenement, Economics & Policies
SkourasMed Managing Director

"SkourasMed Medical Aesthetic Clinic is a family matter. Therefore, we consider each one of our patients to be a member of our family."